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About John M. Carlson
I began my career in the financial services industry in 1966 with John Hancock. After a successful three-year personal products career, I was asked to become a marketing director of Professional Economic, a subsidiary of John Hancock. My duties included traveling in seven Midwest states, working with John Hancock agents and their higher net worth clients including physicians and businessmen.

The traveling took a toll on my young family so I resigned and went into personal production with Home Life of New York. I worked through Physicians Planning Service Corporation of New York, an affiliate marketing organization, and remained in personal production in the financial services industry until the present. In 1977 I resigned from Home Life and became an independent business broker in order to provide a broader range of products and services to my clients.

In 2000 I became aware of the value of Fixed Indexed Annuities. After exploring the many benefits of these products, I decided to protect and grow my clients’ wealth with the guarantees of major life insurance companies. My timing could not have been better. The decade of 2000 saw two significant market corrections and this new decade appears to also have its challenges and uncertainties. My clients and I rest easy knowing that their funds are safe and have upside potential and guarantees that provide the certainties they require in their retirement.

The decision you make with your money can and will affect you and your family’s lifestyle. These decisions goes far and beyond trusting a person or advisor. You must trust only the contractual guarantee that the person you are dealing with presents to you. If an advisor recommends a solution for your retirement and personal wealth that involves risk for rewards, remember that it is your future financial security that may be left up in the air. You may trust your current advisor, but if he or she promotes risk, you may end up running out of money before leaving this planet.

Please take a moment and listen to what a few of my clients have said about me and decide whether I might be the person you would choose to help you reach your financial goals….guaranteed!

Following are some frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to you:

Q. Is there a minimum amount of money required to become a client?

A. There are absolutely no minimum requirements to become a client of mine. Regardless of income or wealth, I will provide you unparalleled service and work my hardest to find the best financial solutions for you.

Q. What actually occurs during a financial consultation?

A. I will sit down with you and discuss your current financial situation and goals. Based on this information, I will inform you about the many options that are available for people with your financial goals and status. I will address your individual questions and concerns, and if desired, I will assist you in moving forward with a financial strategy.

Q. What are the benefits of working with you?

A. My clients appreciate the fact that I specialize in safe investing. They know from the beginning that they are not going to get rich over night, but they will have a nest egg in their retirement years that they will not outlive. They also know I can help them achieve:

- Guaranteed monthly income for the rest of their life
- Yearly increases in income that keep them ahead of the rising cost of inflation
- Retirement bonuses in years in which the market performs well
- Access to their money when they need it
- Certainty and predictability
- Complete control over their retirement lifestyle

For a no-cost phone consultation or a complimentary DVD called “Retain Your Gains”, feel free to call me at (239) 455-0027 or fill out this form.

John M. Carlson provides professional financial planning to include: Guaranteed Income Riders, Fixed Index Annuities, Tax-Free Income, Tax-Deferred Growth and Retirement Income Planning
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