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51 years in the financial services industry



Welcome to my website.  People are living longer and longer lives, yet guaranteed pensions and defined benefit plans have become increasingly rare and risky. Building and protecting wealth methodically and safely is one of the best ways to plan for your retirement.  If you are interested in financial techniques that offer safe and predictable wealth accumulation and protection, and guaranteed retirement income, please read on.

I have been in the financial industry business for 51 years.  While I am now in the retirement age, I have no plans to retire. I love what I do and feel an obligation and need to continue to share my vast amount of experiences with my existing and future clients. All of my retirement funds (as well as my clients) are exactly where I suggest my future clients should safe, guaranteed, insurance contracts that offer growth potential, gains that are locked in, no down-side risk,and a guaranteed lifetime pension rider.

I hope you allow me the opportunity to meet with you...soon, to find out why your retirement decisions will be the most important decision you will ever make.

Please continue through my Web site to learn how I do this for my clients, and hear personally from them.

For a no-cost phone consultation or a complimentary DVD called “Retain Your Gains”, feel free to call me at (239) 455-0027 or fill out this form.

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